Friday, May 3, 2013

Love letter to my Critters...

To all the wonderful people who take the time to read my WIP,

You are the reason I keep going.  With out all of you, I’d still be floundering.  My story would be a hot mess, just a wish and a few incoherent ideas.  You’ve helped me shape my characters, question their motives, and help me see the light in my story arc.  Because of your studious attention I’ve spit polished my word choices and fixed my horrible grammar.  You push me to be better and criticize my every word.  Not because you're are mean, but because you wish only the best for my story.

I know not everyone can find the right mix of motivation and tough criticism as I’ve had the privilege of getting, but I still encourage everyone to put their work out there.   It may take time to find the right people who not only give good advice but also ‘get’ your work.  Once you do it’s magic.  I try and return the favor, and only hope to be half as helpful as the great people who’ve worked with me here at Scrib.  I count all of you as my personal heroes!  I’m no where near done and only hope to continue getting your support and help. :)


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