Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The End

So after putting it off for weeks I finally picked up Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris.  I'll admit, I've been a fan of the Sookie novels.  I've read each one and enjoyed the cast of character, so when I heard that this was the end of the series, I hesitated to read it.   I hate when my favorite series ends.  I hate endings in general. 

But before I get to my review I just want to give three cheers to Charlaine Harris.    Charlaine was terribly bulled over this book, and I don't think it's right.  So let me just say, THANK YOU! for hours of entertainment.  And on behalf of fans everywhere, I want to apologize for the horrible way you've been treated. There come a point where fandom just turns ugly and I think we've reached that point.  Someone grab the fire hose!  People all over the internet cried foul and threaten her, threaten to hurt themselves and even cancel book orders if the book didn't end they way the fans wanted.  (most notable with Sookie and Eric together)

I honestly think Neil Gaiman's wisdom can be applied here when I say "Charlaine Harris is not your Bitch."

Get over it.  When you give your free time over to an author and their characters, you start to develop a strong attachment to them.  (I still have hopes that K. Harrison will find a way to bring back Kisten... but that's another series and another post.)  But it's particularly sad to see people take fandom to this nasty place.  Charlaine even canceled her book tour.  It's sad when an authors feel the need not to engage with fans because they're scared.  Seriously people... take a good long look at where you belong in the whole creative process.

With all that said...Now on to the review. 

Unfortunately, I have to say I was grateful for 'The End'.  I really feel she didn't give her most beloved series a fitting farewell.  Sure it seemed like she managed to drag out or at least mention every character that ever appeared in one of the previous book, but the story line was forced.  Furthermore, the story lacked all the things that made the other books work.  The wit.  The danger.  The hot sex. 

 Poor Sookie seemed to be right back where we started in the first book.  Taking care of the house, going to church and working at the town bar.  The whole twelve book series just seemed to be about Sookie sowing her supernatural wild oats, and now she's ready to resume life in her small town.

If you hare a fan of the series... well she does wrap everything up with an nice little bow, but if you are a lover of the written word.... it will be hard to get through.    I'm glad I read it.  I'm also glad it's over.  I can tell Charlaine Harris has grown tired of Bon Temps and her inhabitants.

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