Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's up Wednesday 09/04/13

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Wow is it really Wednesday already?!?!  Holiday weekends have a way of really making the week short.

What I'm Reading

I guiltily abandoned my reading list this week (didn't finish the Zombies Fallout or start Kitty Norville's new adventure) in exchange for several books in  Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black.  Now that I've finished book 6 (just a few minutes ago).  I have book 7 on my kindle now, but I need to get serious about finishing up my critique for my writing group. I still have almost half the book to get through by Friday.  The Little Prince is still on this list with my Daughter and now that we've finished Ender's Game my Son and I have started The Knife of Never Letting Go.  September looks to be another busy reading month as several of my favorite authors have books coming out.

I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that my list never seems to go down.

What I'm Writing

Blogging: My review deficit is getting worse.  I think I'm going to bunch the series together instead of giving them each a review to get me caught up.

Other Writing: Started on first round edits for the Anthology I'm working on.  Working with other Authors is a lot like herding cats!!  I'm happy, so far with the stories turned in and thing this will be an interesting Erotic/Romantic Anthology. 

Novel: Still trying to push through to the ending of my Modern Fantasy novel, but I'm feeling less inspired. I've come up with plot outlines for two new novels in the last week. *sigh* I'm committed to finishing, and have decided to put myself on a deadline (since it worked so well with the anthology.) I'm going to put my book inline for editing for October.  That will mean I NEED to have a first round draft done by then.  There I said it out loud...

What Else I've Been Up To

My domestic spree didn't last long. However, I did manage to get new blinds up in the master bedroom before my strange cleaning and handy man spree fizzled. Work has really been beating me down, but everyone is back from vacation now, and I've finished some projects.  Here's to hoping the short week gives me time to catch my breath!

What Inspires Me Right Now

G+ has snared my attention the past few weeks. I've found some really great sites and interesting articles that have really spiked those creative juices.  If you're not active on Google+, I encourage you to follow me. I try and pass along great content.

Some highlights from my G+ feed:

Found a kick ass kickstarter to help fund!

Lilith Dark is not your typical pink lovin' princess type. She's an adventure seeking, beastie slaying kid with attitude!

Ordered some lovely minimalist Fan Art for my upstairs loft:


I've also encouraged all my followers to join in the campaign to make Revenge Porn illegal.


The excitement over the upcoming Under The Skin.  The upcoming movie is based on a book of the same name that is a dark Science Fiction by Michel Faber:

So that's what's been up with me this week.  How has your week been?


  1. I have an ever evolving, ever growing TBR pile as well. Its almost overwhelming but I think its a good thing! Good luck on all of your writing endeavors!

  2. I've had books hijack my TBR pile before, so I know what you mean. I have had books on my desk waiting for me to start reading... and then I get a book in the mail that I just *have* to start! *sigh*.

    All the best with the writing/editing endeavors this week, Gina. I hope by this time next week, your October deadline will seem not only realistic, but easy. :)

  3. My TBR pile never shrinks, it only grows. Sometimes it feels overwhelming, but all in all, I think this is a good problem to have. :) I recently read THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO, but haven't moved on to the next book yet.

    I always end up with shiny new ideas when I'm supposed to be working on something else, specifically revisions. And, not gonna lie, I sometimes give in to the temptation. Hope you're able to stay stronger than me! Have a great week! :-)

  4. I got really into G+ when it first hit, then I fizzled with it. Can't get into it, but maybe I need to.

    Hope you get to catch your breath this week!

    1. It ebbs and flows for me. I still prefer to Facebook or twitter.

      I think having some quality people in my feed makes all the difference.

  5. You sound busy, but happily productive. Keep moving forward with your book, and then take a break from it before revisions. It will help you gain some perspective!

    My TBR has almost no rhyme or reason. I find it difficult sometimes to just pick the next book, or to give myself the freedom to re-read an old favorite.

  6. That is one intense trailer!

    The Knife of Never Letting Go is one of my favourite books of all time. I adore Todd. Enjoy every moment of it!

  7. I love google+ too, facebook is good for seeing vacation pics from people you actually know, but google+ seems to be the best place to go to connect with other writers IMO.