Tuesday, March 12, 2013


So I ran into a stumbling point.  I knew where I wanted to go, I just couldn't get my characters to follow.  So I put aside my writing for a day.  watched some TV with the kids and left my lap top at work. 

I took this time to download and read some basic books on plot and constructions.  While I think it's possible to write a book without having a foundation in the "craft" of writing, I got a lot of great pointers.

The most important being to have an over arching plot to the story.  No not "catch the bad guy" or "get the girl".  A meaningful story arch.  So I thought about it and came up with mine.

Olivia (main character) is struggling with self image.  The over arching plot is her self acceptance.  This has nothing to do with the story line, kidnapping, but as the story moves on Olivia will grow and change as a character.

Unable to help myself I check my Scribofile page and saw I had another review.  A lovely woman left the following comment:

"I'd love to see her give Brad much more resistance as she seems like a woman who is not one to be pushed around. To be blatant, even mentioning how long its been for her and even making her come on to him might be nice"

And I had a light bulb moment.  I saw Olivia.  I knew exactly how she would react at the accident scene (I'm editing it to show her being the aggressor towards brad, not because she wants him but because she needs to rid herself of the dreadful feelings she's left with. And then she has a moment of guilt for coming on to him)

I was so pumped.   I immediately (well when I got to work, and had a spare moment) rewrote chapter 2, edited chapter three and added a new chapter that wasn't in my original outline. 

I have a clearer picture of were to go and how to get everyone moving along.

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