Friday, March 1, 2013


Well after researching and writing for several months now, I've decided to add my voice to the chorus of writers on the internet. 

I'm Gina, I own and manage two heath care related businesses in a small town in Indiana, raising two kids and have decided to write my first novel.   Let's see if I can make this work without finding my way to crazy town (not a very far drive from here as is...)

So what has driven me to write, you ask?

Well I'm an avid reader, I try to fit in reading time everyday and I consume a lot of good and bad books.  Like most readers, I've read more books the I can count where I screamed "That story had so much potential, I could have come up with insert  (better plot, more interesting character, more dynamic writing) that writer xyz.....If they can get people to buy books surely I can!!!"

So I hope I'm not eating crow a year from now.

Stay tuned in.

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