Sunday, March 3, 2013

Getting Real

So, I've put pencil to paper (or at least fingers to keyboard) and started writing.  I have a story.  I've done some research....I'm ready to go.

Now that I've committed, I had a vision of myself sitting down and pond out my story.  I can see now that's more of a fairy tale then a premonition.  Oh, I started that way.  First day in I put down 4,000 words and thought I'd have a story ready to edit in less then a month. 

I went in without any plan or direction.  Write.  That was it.  But then I started to edit, to do more research, pick over characters, change the introduction five times, I realized that I haven't progressed past 4,000 words.  Less then a week in I realize I was delusional and I started to second guess myself.

So I stopped, got some advice from some other writers and realized I needed a plan.

So, I present:

Gina's Writing Plan (insert trumpeting)

1. I will write 4 days a week.
     a. on writing days I will spend 15 min planning the items I will be writing before I start.
     b. During writing time, I will not:
                      i. edit
                      ii. research
                      iii. rewrite.
     c. I commit to 2000 words.
2. I will edit only after I have a first draft of a chapter and only after my 2000 words have been met.
3. I will block out time to research, this time will be outside my writing time.
4. I will post on my blog once per week.  Post to include word count for the week, progress in story and overall thoughts about writing.
5.   I will join an appropriate writer’s critique group (group must be active)
6.   I will find a writing buddy that will help me keep on task.

My goals:

*   Have first draft ready by August.
*   Have second draft ready for professional editing by November
*   First full beta read by January.

Again, I'm flying blind.  But I feel a little better having set down some guidelines.  I'm hopping this week will be more productive.

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