Monday, March 4, 2013

Took the Plung

So I found a wonderful writing forum.

I joined a few groups, did some critiques, and posted my first chapter.

 I've been fretting about it all night.  I think anyone who decides to writes thinks their writing is spectacular, I know I do.    But when it comes down to it all that matters is-- does someone else think that? 

We'll see.

I would highly recommend scribophile.  I really like the way the system works.  In order to post work for review you must review work yourself.  I think this system really helps make sure you are getting feedback on your work.  Work is categorized by genre.  It's really a nice system.  I opted to join paying the upgraded membership.  This allows for unlimited posting of work and messaging.  You still have to have points to post, but you aren't limited to the number of works you can post.  there are some other benefits.  People have been very constructive and responsive so far.  If you are looking for a writing group I can't recommend scribophile enough!!


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